5g in India, Release date, working and advantageous of 5G network,5G mobile phones.

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5g in india


             5G technology is making a huge noise today.  5G across the globe will be set up in India. become 5g in india.  5G mobiles have entered the market even before the entry of 5G technology. 

For those of us living at the advanced level, the 5G technology will take you to the application level. It makes us even closer to running the world at our fingertips.


5G is the 4th industrial revolution


Yes, this is the 4th Industrial Revolution.  The Industrial Revolution is the only one most people know.  But if properly observed, this is the Fourth Revolution.  Let’s look at them one by one.



Industrial Revolution 1.0

It was around 1784 that the Modal Industrial Revolution occurred.  That is, during this time mechanization, steam power, weaving loom were all invented.

A steam engine came into existence around this time.  In this case, Steam engines can be completed in just 3-4 days, like a man would do in 1-2 weeks.

industrial revolution 2.0

Well, about 100 years later, in the 1870s, the Second Industrial Revolution.  The main reason for this revolution was the discovery of electricity. 

This is the introduction of the machines.  A lot of people have given a quote to this Revolution as ‘hands replaced by the machines ‘.  Technology grew a lot faster.

Industrial revolution 3.0

The computer and electronic chips were invented in 1969.  This is the third Industrial Revolution.  Computers slowly began to appear in man’s life. 

Computer use increased on all fronts. It occurred in India in the 1990s. Companies like Infosys originated in India utilizing this revolution.

Industrial revolution 4.0

Now we are in the 4th industrial revolution.  This is the Internet era.  The use of the Internet is high in all areas. 

Without the Internet today, 90% of our lives would be very hard to live.  So this era of 5G was the 4th Industrial Revolution era.


5G network speed


There have been many changes in the Internet as well.  The change of the Internet means that its speed.  As the Internet speeds up, things go faster. Users will also increase. 



There have been several changes such as 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, till 5G. Recently, the central government has approved the testing of the 5G technology.

5g technology is an upgraded version of the LTE mobile broadband network. The average speed of forge technology in the country now is 6 to 7MB per second. But the maximum speed of 5G technology is 2 to 20 GB per second.

Their speeds are as follows.

1G 2.4kb/s
2G 64kb/s
3G 2000kb/s
4G 6 to 7 mb/s
5G more than 1gb/s (about 2 to 20gb/s)


Working of 5G Network

Works as 5G in 3 bands.

1. Low band frequency:

In which the maximum speed is limited to 100MB /s.This is the ideal band for mobile users who don’t need too much internet speed.


2. Medium band frequencies:

The bandwidth can be used across industries. It can be tailored to the needs of most industries. This internet is moderately fast.


3. High bandwidth:

It provides high-speed internet.  Its speed is tested at 20gb/s.It can be used in areas that require high-speed internet.


Advantages of 5G technology

  1. Can get a very fast internet connection.  
  2. This is the backbone for upcoming technologies. Because there are so many more projects to come from 5g Technology.
  3. Real-time data analysis: Analysis can be completed immediately upon arrival of new data. In other words,
  4. fastest analysis of new data. 
  5. Vehicle to infrastructure communication.
  6. Telemedicine: A doctor advises the person sitting at a distance.
  7. Wireless technologies in education, healthcare, agriculture, financial and social sectors.
  8. Driverless Car 
  9. Drone-based farm monitoring system. etc.

    Challenges of 5G Technology in India 

1. Lack of wavelength.

2. Out of the 300 MHz wavelength available, 25 MHz should be given to the Indian Space Research Organization for the use of satellites.

3. A wavelength of 100 MHz has been assigned to the defence. 

4. The remaining 175 MHz of frequency should be allocated to organizations offering mobile services. That’s why Reliance Jio is developing domestic technology to build a 5G network.

5. The cost of implementing this technology is very high for Indian telecom companies.  The reason is that telecom companies have already invested heavily in 4G.

6. Changes in India about 5G

5g in india

2G Free India:

The Government of India has ordered BSNL to cease investing in 2G.
But nearly 50 percent of the country’s users are using 2G services.  Reliance is already announcing 2G free India. 

But The most tedious thing is that around 500 million 2g users in the country bring in 50% of the revenue to telecom companies.

How to solve these problems 


  1. The TRAI and the Department of Telecommunication should take as many steps as possible to enable 5G services.
  2. The launch of 5G services requires about $ 60 to $ 70 billion and the government should encourage investment in this sector.  
  3. 5G frequencies should be transparently distributed through the auction process as soon as possible.

Countries adopted 5G technology

1. South Korea

2. China 

3. America

4. Japan

5. Estonia 

6. Sweden, Including other 61 countries


5g in India ( smartphones)


As soon as 5G in India, 5G mobile phones have entered the Indian market.  Best 5G Mobile Phones are available today in the Indian market. Price ranges from ₹10,000/- to  ₹50,000/-.


Conclusion :


In the world, India is the 7th largest region and the second-largest in terms of population. Indians are happy to have 5G technology in India. 

Some cities have been selected by the Government of India to test 5G technology.  But the vast majority of Indians are not letting it be diagnosed as a result of people suffering from 5G. 

Not only that, but telecom companies are not getting ahead because they have invested in 4G technology.  In addition, India has suffered a lot of financial hardship from the corona. 

5G technology would be a dream in India if the people and the government were to cooperate.



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