Top 8 things. It is the best alternative to Microsoft word

best alternative to Microsoft word

Best Alternative to Microsoft word, Everyone prefers to use Microsoft Word for writing a document.

It is trendy and is very productive and expensive too.

But still, there is a need for something,  That is better than Microsoft Word and free of cost.

There is some Best alternative to Microsoft Word that you can use and get similar functionalities.

This blog will tell the Best alternative to Microsoft Word and how it is better than Microsoft Word. 

The other benefits are

• Free for students and general. 

• Open source

• Available for Linux, Mac, and Windows

• Provides the same features as MS word. exact Best alternative to Microsoft word

• Easy to use

• Collaboration of documents with other individuals or organizations is simple with this online free word alternative.

• Use unique features like document tracking, task assignment, in-document chat room, and real-time co-authoring.

• by using this alternative of Microsoft, You can make your documents interactive, with embedded video, audio, and web links, and then share them with colleagues or clients.

• Use this free Microsoft word alternative to enjoy all the features you need for your job…

The online free Best alternative to Microsoft word

Dropbox Paper

Best alternative to Microsoft word
  • Dropbox paper is a free Best alternative to Microsoft Word program for word processing, and it’s actually quite good. 

  • It’s not as powerful as Microsoft Word, but it’s much easier to use and looks a lot better. 

  • It’s a good choice for many people, and if you like using Microsoft Word, you’ll probably like it too.

  • Dropbox paper is a collaborative writing tool. It allows you to work with other people in real-time.

  • Unlike documents in Google drive or docs, there is no size limit to Dropbox paper.

  • You can work on the same Dropbox paper with many people. You can share Dropbox paper links with people.

  • Even if they don’t have a Dropbox account, they can open Dropbox paper in their own browser.
  • It is a very easy-to-use application.
  • You don’t need to use any command to send mail.
  • You can add any signature.
  • You can access this from a mobile, tablet as well as computer.
  • You can use this for free as much as you use it.
  • there are too many formatting options and buttons available
  • no word counter to help you keep track of your writing progress.
  • You can’t add new features or remove the ones you find.

Then what are you waiting for!! Go and give it a try.

Google docs

Best alternative to Microsoft word
  • Google Docs is a free and easy-to-use Best alternative to Microsoft Word from Google.

  • It is a part of Google Apps for Business, including Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Talk.

  • The most attractive feature of this tool is that it offers real-time collaboration and can be accessed via computer, mobile, or web.

  • Other than which can be shared with others and edited subsequently.

  • This is an excellent tool for students, small businesses, and organizations.

  • This online application is free of cost and enables users to use them from anywhere and at any time.

  • These applications also help the users collaborate with other users to edit the file in real-time.

  • Another benefit of using these applications is that they can be used to share files with other users.

  • In this way, users can send files to other users and send messages to other users.

  • Especially I love this tool. It is the best alternative to Microsoft word.

  • Google docs are free and easy to use
  • You can access google docs from any device, so you’re never without your work
  • There is no need for a dedicated computer or software because all the documents are stored in the cloud
  • sharing documents with others is quick and easy – just send them an invite link
  • Collaborating on a document doesn’t require switching between multiple programs
  • The formatting options for tables and graphs are limited.


Best alternative to Microsoft word
  • Etherpad is a web-based Best alternative to Microsoft Word, an open-source text editor.

  • It can be used for top real-time collaboration on documents and other types of content

  • The interface is similar to Microsoft Word with features such as spell checking, formatting options, font selection, and more

  • It can also be accessed through mobile devices like phones or tablets 

  • You can share your document with others by sending them the URL address or embedding it on a website.

  • Etherpad allows you to work collaboratively at the same time without having to worry about editing conflicts.

  • because it saves every change automatically as soon as someone else makes one

  • There is no need for special software installation – just go online and start using Etherpad Right away.

  • it is a free and open-source web-based Best alternative to Microsoft Word for real-time collaborative editing.
  • If you need to keep your work private, you can create a password protected
  • You don’t need an account or sign-up process – just go straight into editing mode.
  • it is not a cloud-based service
  • It’s difficult to find and use old documents in Etherpad

Office online

alternative to Microsoft word
  • The first thing you need to know about the office online Best alternative to Microsoft Word  is that it’s free.

  • It can be used for any kind of document, including resumes and reports.

  • It has a spell checker, grammar checker, and autocorrect function.

  • It also has several templates available for different purposes, such as business plans or newsletters.

  • You can share documents with other people by sending them an email invitation or exporting them in pdf format to send over the internet.

  • There are no ads on this site, so you don’t have to worry about your children seeing anything inappropriate while they’re doing their homework

  • Office online is an excellent Best alternative to Microsoft Word tool for writing papers and documents with formatting
  • the features of Office Online are more than enough to do everything you need. it is the perfect Best alternative to Microsoft word
  • You can easily format text, insert tables, add charts, and create presentations without downloading software
  • It also has collaboration tools that allow you to work on projects with others in real-time
  • And it’s free! No monthly subscription or one-time payment required
  • it doesn’t have all the features of MS Word – but if you just want basic word processing, then this should be perfect for your needs.


Best alternative to Microsoft word
  • Zoho is a cloud-based, online Best alternative to Microsoft Word suite that includes word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software.

  • The suite includes over 50 applications for business and home use 

  • It offers free versions for personal use with limitations on some features

  • Zoho has been awarded the “Best Productivity Tool” by PC Magazine five years in a row (2006 to 2011)

  • Zoho Office Suite is available as an app on Android devices, iPhones/iPads, Windows 8 phones, and tablets 

  • The company was founded in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu, who is also its Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Zoho The best alternative to Microsoft Word is free
  • It has a clean interface
  • You can get it on your mobile phone and laptop
  • You can collaborate with others in real-time
  • It’s got a fantastic search engine that lets you find anything quickly and easily
  • There are lots of templates to choose.
  • Zoho is not as user-friendly as Microsoft Word
  • It has fewer functionalities than Microsoft Word
  • Zoho does not allow you to make changes in the document while it’s being edited
  • Some functions are missing from Zoho, which can be found on MS Word.

The offline or downloadable free best alternative to Microsoft Word.

Libre office

best alternative to Microsoft Word
  • LibreOffice is open-source software that can be used as a free Best alternative to Microsoft Word

  • It has the same features and functions as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • The only difference is in design – LibreOffice uses a different color scheme than Microsoft Office.

  • You can download it from their website for free or use it online.

  • If you want to save your documents offline, you’ll need to purchase a license for $60 per computer (about $10 less than what MS Office will cost you) 

  • There are also many other benefits of using Libre office, such as not having to worry about viruses or spyware because there are no programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader on the program’s site
  • Libreoffice is free to download and install
  • Libreoffice has various features similar to Microsoft Office.
  • You can use it on any computer with Windows XP or later operating system, Mac OS X 10.6 or later operating system, or Linux-based operating systems
  • It works in all languages and is compatible with most file formats, so you don’t have to convert files before using them
  • It’s easy for beginners because it doesn’t require extensive training as other programs do
  • LibreOffice does not have a spellchecker.
  • It is open-source software, which means it can be challenging to find support for any issues you may encounter
  • The software doesn’t come pre-loaded with templates like Microsoft Word.

Apache Open Office

best alternative to Microsoft Word
  • Apache OpenOffice is an office suite with a long history; it is the downloadable best alternative to Microsoft word.

  • It’s completely free and can be downloaded from the Apache website.

  • The word “Apache” comes from a Native American tribe in North America

  • This software has been around since 1993 when it was first released as OpenOffice 1.x .

  • Since then, it has gone through many iterations to become what we know today as Apache OpenOffice 3.

  • In 1996, Sun Microsystems acquired the rights to this software and renamed it StarOffice 5.
  • Apache OpenOffice is free
  • It has a familiar interface that looks like Microsoft Office or the best alternative to Microsoft word.
  • You can use it on the go with your phone or tablet
  • It’s compatible with most other programs, including Word and Excel
  • You don’t have to worry about viruses since it doesn’t store any of your personal information locally
  • The program is updated regularly, so you’ll always have the latest features and bug fixes.
  • Apache open Office is not supported by all web browsers
  • It’s difficult to use for beginners
  • Difficult to install on Mac computers
  • Requires a lot of computer resources, which can slow down your computer and make it less responsive
  • The interface is cluttered and confusing for new users

WPS Office

best alternative to microsoft word
  • WPS Office is a free office suite for Windows and another best alternative to Microsoft word.

  • It contains all the features of Microsoft Word and more.

  • WPS Office supports MS Word file formats like DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, etc.

  • WPS Office includes a word processor with a spell checker and grammar checker that will help you write better essays 

  • The spreadsheet program has pivot tables and charts to make your data presentation much easier.

  • You can use the database management tool to create an inventory or track sales figures easily.
  • WPS Office is free to download and install
  • The program has a very user-friendly interface
  • You can easily import files from other office programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel
  • There are many templates for different types of documents, so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • The software is compatible with both Macs and PCs
  • It’s possible to share documents with others through email or the cloud without any additional software needed
  • WPS office is not compatible with Apple products
  • It is difficult to use for people who are new to computers
  • The only way to upload documents on the web version of WPS Office is through a browser which does not work well on mobile devices
  • The document format can be confusing and hard to read, especially when it comes from other programs like Word or Google Docs


  1. What can I use instead of Microsoft Word for free?

    Open Office – Calc, Writer, Impress
    LibreOffice – Writer, Impress
    Google Docs and Slides.
    Apple Pages web app – Pages web app online via their website or the downloadable Mac application. 
    WPS Office -Writer, 
    LibreOffice Base(very similar to Access), 
    Connexion (cloud office suite) and 
    Max drive (Cloud storage). 
     I'm sorry to say, but there is 

  2. Can I get MS word for free?

    Yes, but after a free trial, you generally must pay a monthly fee to use the software.

  3. How can I install Microsoft Office for free?

    Microsoft offers a free basic version of their software package (a word processing, spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation software) that does not expire. There are also other alternatives offered by Google for Android devices that can be used with tablets.

  4. What is the difference between Microsoft Office and Word?

    The office is a suite of applications designed to create a business, home, and educational documents. Word is the word processing application within Microsoft Office that allows users to create rich text documents using various editing options.

  5. Which office is best for Windows 10?

    Microsoft office professional. Office 365.


If you’re a writer, there are plenty of alternatives to Microsoft Word. We’ve rounded up 9 popular writing programs that could be just what you need for your next project.

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