These are The top 6 best free workout apps for iPhone to Get Healthier

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best free workout apps for iPhone

The best free workout apps for iPhone are a lifesaver this time. With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, many countries have put restrictions on their citizens like social distancing and travel bans.

These daily routines that we take for granted every day are now not an option because of these restrictions.

We can’t go to gyms, movie halls or malls anymore which really affects our life as it has come to a halt.

In times like these, there is nothing more reassuring than knowing you will be able to exercise when you want with the best free workout apps for iPhone 2021!

Here are the best free workout apps for iphone that will help you lose weight, build lean muscle, and get in shape. All of these apps offer a variety of workouts to choose from so there is something for everyone.

The list of best free workout apps for iPhone

The iPhone is one of the must-have items for any fitness enthusiast. With all its different apps, it can help anyone to get in shape and stay healthy.

However, there are hundreds of thousands of apps out there that claim they can do this or that; which ones are worth your time? Here’s a list of the best free workout apps for iPhone you should try out today!


Are you looking for a new workout app? FitOn is the best workout app. You will get access to all kinds of fitness programs from beginner level to advanced levels without any cost at all!

There’s no need to pay for gym membership fees when you can do your own home-based exercises using this amazing application which has over 100+ unique routines and 1000+ HD videos that guide you through every step!

This application also includes an extensive library filled with detailed descriptions about each exercise so you know exactly what muscles they work out and how many calories they burn off during their performance!

With this amazing application, there are no more excuses not to keep fit anymore because everything is available right at your fingertips! So download it now while it’s still FREE!!! download FitOn on App Store today!!!


Do you want to get ripped? This app will guide you through every step of your 5×5 workout routine, from warm-up sets and proper form, all the way up until failure (which we recommend).

There are also videos showing how to perform each exercise correctly so that there are no injuries during your workouts.

You won’t find another app out there that provides as much value as StrongLifts does – especially not one that’s completely free! We highly recommend giving this app a try if you’re serious about getting into shape but don’t know where to begin with working out at home without equipment.

Don’t waste time trying other apps when StrongLifts has everything covered here! Just download it now and see what everyone else is talking about…


Seven is a free workout app for iPhone that helps you get in shape with quick 7-minute workouts.

You won’t find another device like it on the market today – not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life! Download our free workout app now to see what all the hype is about! Get started by clicking here!

.You will feel great after working out with Seven because it has been designed by experts in fitness who know what works best when it comes to getting fit fast! This is why we recommend using this amazing free workout app if you want to get into shape quickly without spending hours at the gym every week! Download Seven today from the App store!

4. Fitbod

Do you want to get the body of your dreams? With this free iPhone fitness app by Fitbod at your disposal; it’s time to start working out like never before! Get ready to see results faster than ever before!

It’s time to take charge of your health and fitness journey today! Let us help motivate you every step of the way as we guide you through our easy-to-follow exercises from home or anywhere else around town using just one hand – no gym required!

We have everything covered from head to toe including cardio exercises such as jump rope or running outside without worrying about getting sweaty or having an excuse not being able to exercise because it’s raining outside – even when there isn’t any rain in sight. All these benefits are yours for FREE.

With over 100 exercises included in the library with more being added every week, Fitbod will keep challenging even experienced athletes with new routines they haven’t tried before.

And since all workouts are designed by professional trainers who know exactly how much effort each exercise requires, users can expect nothing less than results! All these features make Fitbod one of our favorite free workout apps on iPhone today! Click here now and download it right away!

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5. Nike Training Club

Do you want to get fit?

Nike Training Club is an app that will help you achieve your fitness goals. It has a wide range of workouts for different levels and tastes.

You can choose from over 180 training programs, including cardio, strength exercises, endurance, mobility, and yoga. The app also features celebrities like Serena Williams and Ashton Eaton!

If you are looking for a free workout app with celebrity trainers then this is the one for you! With Nike Training Club on your phone or tablet, it’s easy to find new workouts anytime anywhere – no equipment needed!

This app will make sure that you stay motivated throughout your journey towards being fitter than ever before.

And if there’s anything else that makes us happy about this free workout apps list then it would be the fact that we have included some amazing apps in our list which are completely free of cost. So what are you waiting for? Download these awesome workout apps now!

6. Sworkit

Are you looking for a new way to work out?

Sworkit is the perfect app for people who are always on the go. It’s packed with features that make everyday life easier, more entertaining, and more productive.

You can use it to create your own workout routine or choose from one of our many workouts already available in the app.

If you want something different, you can even build your own custom routine so that working out doesn’t feel boring! Download Sworkit today by clicking this ad!

You don’t have to worry about going to the gym anymore because we’ve got everything covered right here in this app.

Whether you’re at home or traveling – just download our free app and get started on your daily exercise routines! We promise it won’t be hard once you see how easy it is to use our amazing app!

Click now before time runs out! Don’t miss out on all these great benefits when using Sworkit as part of your daily fitness regimen.


1. What workout app is completely free?



3. Seven

4. Fitbod

5. Nike Training Club

6. Sworkit

2. Is Gymshark a gym?

Gymshark does not operate a gym, but the Gymshark Lifting Club opened in September 2015. The club is located in London and offers group fitness classes, personal training sessions, and nutrition consultations. No membership fees are required to attend these sessions. It is open to members of all levels of fitness abilities and backgrounds, with programs designed for beginners through professional athletes.

3. Is Gymshark a good app?

This app is still considered a baby and in the process of being updated for optimization.

In addition, Gymshark features a unique shopping experience that allows consumers to separate purchases from their workout routine by category.

4. Is Apple Fitness Plus free?

which has only a one-month free trial. it’s not completely free.

5. Does the iPhone have a Fitness app?

Yes. The app for the iPhone is one of the better fitness trackers on the market because it reports different types of activity, including walking, running, cycling, and elliptical use.


With so many free workout apps for iPhone, it should be a no-brainer to find one that will suit your needs. The best way to figure out which app is for you? Try them all! At the very least, download as many as you can and give each of them a try. How have these workouts helped you stay fit through busy days or long flights? What are some features on these apps that make them worth downloading? Which ones do you think we missed in our roundup below? Let us know in the comments section below – we’d love to hear from other people who want to get started with their fitness goals this year.

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