How do beginner blog make money? 9 proven ways

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How do beginner blog make money

You often hear how bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers make big money in the media.

You must be wondering: How do bloggers make money? How do beginner blog make money? What do they sell? Who pays them? And How? Is it possible to make money online by blogging?

Yes, it is possible. And this is very good money.

Why do bloggers blog?

There are different reasons why bloggers start blogging. Some want to share their knowledge and experience with others. 

But most lead because they want to make extra money. The more ambitious plan to make a living solely from making money from their blog, while the more persistent ones make it. 

Now that you know why bloggers blog, let’s get back to the beginning.

Often bloggers start by blogging in their free time at a full-time job. In the beginning, blogging is like a hobby, so they don’t have high expectations when it comes to making money. 

Although the earnings are low, they still create content on their blog in their spare time.

High-quality content posted on the blog, after some time, according to the rating on Google, begins to attract readers. 

When the blog starts to attract a certain number of readers, there comes a time when you can well monetize the time invested in the blog and the work spent on it by implementing some of the ways to make money from this article.

How do beginner blog make money?

Make money on a blog; something is invented that visitors who visit the blog monetize. Many people start blogging to make big money fast, but that is not the case. And such authors give up quickly.

The worst thing is when you put in a lot of effort and work on something for a long time, and you don’t see the fruits of your work, in the case of those who come to the idea of ​​making quick money. 

When they do not receive the expected income in a short period of time, as they expected, there is a drop in motivation and frustration. This is why the choice of how bloggers make money is crucial because the future of every blog depends on it.

You can monetize a blog in different ways, but I will describe the most profitable of them in this article.

Suppose you are planning to start your own blog or already have one. I advise you to explore the ways to monetize from this article and choose those that will allow you to start earning money from your blog as soon as possible. 

Increasing income from blogging will encourage you to keep writing and growing your blog and reach your ultimate goal as soon as possible. That’s why you started blogging in the first place.

To make money on a blog, you just need to start doing it. If you still don’t have a blog. I recommend you start your own blog as soon as possible.

1. Display Ads

How do beginner blog make money? by displaying ads |

Earning from advertising on a blog means any exchange of money to display text, graphics, or video content to promote a company, service, or product.

For every click on an ad, or in some cases for every 1,000 ad impressions, the blog owner receives a certain amount of money from the ad network. 

The most popular display ad network for online advertising is Google AdSense. For a blog to become part of an ad network, you must meet the minimum membership requirements. select the best profitable niche and start blogging.

2. Promotional content and blog posts.

How do beginner blog make money? Promotional content and blog posts. |

Sponsored content is any content posted on a sponsored blog. Such content does not necessarily promote the sponsor.

Sponsored posts are posts created by a blog author in collaboration with a sponsor. 

Due to their content, such messages are exclusively focused on the direct or indirect promotion of the sponsor’s services or products. 

If you want to increase your blog’s earnings with this monetization method, it’s important to distinguish sponsored content from sponsored blog posts.

Sponsored content can be any non-sponsored blog post, while sponsored blog posts are purely for the advertiser’s promotion.

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3. Affiliate marketing

How do beginner blog make money? by Affiliate marketing

Besides making money from ads, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to monetize a blog.

Affiliate marketing – in which a blogger promotes other people’s (or companies) products and is compensated for each sale.

The procedure is very simple: You find good deals, recommend them to visitors (and other people who need them), and get some money from the sale in return.

4. Dropshipping

How do beginner blog make money? by Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a model of selling physical goods on the Internet, the retailer behind this online store. 

He uses this model and does not keep a stock of the items he sells in his warehouse.

Which delivers the product directly to the customer. Thus, the seller does not directly contact the goods themselves but is only an intermediary in the purchase.

We can say that this model of selling physical goods is a cross between a standard online store and affiliate marketing.

The major difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the seller does not have items in stock and does not directly own them. 

The seller already purchases inventory as needed from a third party—usually wholesalers or manufacturers—to fulfill the order’s requirements and earns the difference between the price paid by the buyer and the price demanded by the manufacturer.

5. Selling your own digital goods.

How do beginner blog make money? by Selling your own digital goods.

The sale of physical goods is already well known to everyone, while for some, the news is that they can make good money selling goods that cannot be touched (digital).

Direct sales of their own products are most often found on YouTube when bloggers sell products to their subscribers. 

After reaching a certain number of monthly readers, some bloggers also sell a few physical products and grow their blogs into huge online stores over time.

Digital products are goods that do not exist in physical form but can only be consumed digitally on devices such as computers and smartphones. 

Some of the digital products can be e-books, online courses, WordPress themes and plugins, digital planners, etc.

6. Access to closed groups (eng. membership groups)

How do beginner blog make money? Access to closed groups.

Earning from paid private groups is a great way to monetize your blog because it consistently and predictably generates revenue month after month. 

Members pay a monthly subscription to access private groups.

The subscription model is the best way to make money from a blog and one of the most difficult ways. 

It is very difficult to find a reason why someone would pay a monthly membership fee for access to information, and even more difficult to give a reason why they remain monthly in a paid private group.

Although, as a beginner, you may not immediately focus on this business model on your blog, I think you definitely need to know how it works.

7. Sale of freelance services.

How do beginner blog make money? by Sale of freelance services.

Selling freelance services is one of the fastest ways to make money from a blog.

After a few blog posts, you can prove your expertise in the niche and, based on that, offer the blog post writing service to other blog owners. 

Given that there is a huge need for quality online content, I am sure you will find opportunities to earn extra money from writing jobs very soon.

In addition to blog post writing services, you can offer design, development, customer support, digital marketing, and the like.

While freelancing is a great way to make quick and good money, it’s usually not the best way to spend your time if you have a blog.

8. Sale of courses, consultations, and training (English Consulting and Coaching)

How do beginner blog make money? by Sale of courses, consultations, and training

If you did worse at school and no one in your family could help you, you probably used counseling and education services. 

The online consultation service on a blog works in exactly the same way.

The main difference is that they are done over the Internet using chat programs such as Skype, but this is not the rule. A blog can only serve as a platform for attracting, selling, and negotiating the provision of a service, and the consulting service itself can take place physically.

Paid consultations and training are less popular ways for bloggers to make money because they require excellent knowledge or experience in a particular area.

 Although it is rare, providing consulting services can be a great way to make money for both beginner bloggers and those who have a lot of monthly readers.

9. Public speaking and speaking at conferences.

How do beginner blog make money? by Public speaking and speaking at conferences.

When we talk about public speaking, we often mean conference lectures, which will be the subject of this chapter.

But public speaking is not just paid lectures at conferences. Some other ways to make money from public speaking are paid training, public speaking by other companies that pay you, organizing your own public events, and the like.


I hope you got an answer to How do beginner blog make money? First of all, I want to thank you for the great question and interest in our blog.

Let me tell you – to make money on the blog you need to first have an audience, and if you have little or no audience, you will have to work hard to attract it.

We are happy to share our experience with our blog, to help you make money and achieve the success you want.

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