How to fix Venmo Verification Code Not Coming on phone and email [UPDATED]

fix Venmo Verification Code Not Coming on phone and email

Are you using the Venmo Transaction App?. Then you are facing some problems on the venmo app.

not only in venmo It’s common in all transaction apps. Are you facing Venmo Verification Code Not Coming on phone and email ? . 

Then you’re in the right place. I also faced this error and solved it very easily. 

No worries! In this article I’m sharing all possible solutions to fix Venmo Verification Code Not Coming on phone and email that worked for me.

Reasons for Venmo Verification Code Not Coming on phone and email

  1. Network issues and connectivity problems
  2. Wrong Phone number and email address.
  3. Outdated app version.
  4. Phone system glitches.

How to fix Venmo Verification Code Not Coming on phone and email

  1. Double check the number and email
  2. Check messages & spam mail
  3. Unblock Shortcodes
  4. Clear the Cache
  5. Check the internet Connection 
  6. Update Venmo
  7. Restart Your Device
  8. Rent a Disposable Phone Number
  9. Put your Sim on Another Phone
  10. Contact Customer Support

Step by step guide to fix Venmo Verification Code Not Coming on phone and email

1.Double check the number and email

Sometimes Venmo Verification Code Not Coming error occurs because of entering the wrong phone number or email address. 

Please cross check and re enter the registered number and email to verify your account.

2.Check messages & spam mail

If  you have entered a registered email then you have to check messages on the Primary section of your Gmail app. 

If their mail does not exist, then check the Spam folder in your gmail app. Sometimes messages will go directly to the spam folder. 

To check spam folder,

  • open your Gmail app
  • Click on three dots on top left side of your app
  • Scroll down and you can find the spam folder. Open it and find verification mail from Venmo.

3.Unblock Shortcodes

  • Click on Resend code on your phone to enable it to receive messages from shortcodes.
  • To ensure your allowed text messages please send the word “START” to the number 86753.
  • Try to login with your computer by using a registered mail id. It will send confirmation SMS to your phone number. By using that code you successfully login to your venmo account. It will automatically verify your phone number.
  • Make sure you enable messaging from short codes on your mobile phone.

4.Clear the Cache

Clearing the cache is the one of the best worked processes To fix Venmo Verification Code Not Coming on phone and email. 

By following the guide you can clear the cache in Android and iOS.

For iphone :

  • Go to iphone Settings 
  • Scroll down and Tap on General 
  • Select iPhone storage option 
  • Scroll down and find the venmo app,Then open it.

For Android

  • Go to Settings of your device 
  • Scroll down and tap on Apps
  • Select Venmo app
  • Scroll down and  find the Storage option. Open it..

After that In both android and iOS you can find the clear cache open and clear the cache. It is also a working method to fix Venmo ‘Something went wrong’ Error.

5.Check the internet Connection 

Check your Network Connections. If you’re connected to VPN . Please disable that. 

Because Venmo most of the time wants your original IP address. Not only in venmo all other transaction apps also show filed transaction messages, if VPN is enabled. 

Check your mobile data or wifi network. Sometimes this error occurs because of network issues.

6.Update Venmo

Outdated apps also cause this error. Update the app and solve the problem. 

Updating apps is a very simple process.

Open your Play/App store on your device. 

Search for the Venmo app and if an update exists then it shows the update option. Click on and update it.

7.Restart Your Device

The phone glitches also cause this error. To fix Verification Code Not Coming on phone and email error restart your phone and it will be one of the best solutions.

8. Rent a Disposable Phone Number 

If your phone number is not working. Then rent a temporary phone number and by the help of the disposal number you can verify the venmo account.

Search on google disposable phone number for Venmo verification. You can get free or some payable number. 

But i’m not preferring this method to fix the verification of venmo. Because the security of your account will be comparatively less. 

If you didn’t have any other way to fix this error then renting a disposable number would be safer than free stuff. 

9.Put your Sim on Another Phone

It’s not for iPhone users. Sometimes it happens by sim slot glitches. Change your sim slot on your android device. 

10.Contact Customer Support 

You can fix your problem with the above solutions.If the solutions do not work. 

Then the final solution is to fix Venmo Verification Code Not Coming by contacting the support team of venmo. They will surely help you. 


1. How do I verify my Venmo account without a phone number?

There is no option to verify Venmo accounts without a phone number. But there are some alternatives : you can use virtual numbers, family-friends or temporary phone numbers.

2. Can I use Venmo without a US phone number?

There are some limitations in venmo. You must be located in the US. And a US based phone number is necessary because you can get verification codes in short codes.

3. Why won’t Venmo accept my phone number?

Because your phone is already registered before. You can use your email and different phone numbers to verify your Venmo account.


In this article i haved shared a complete tutorial about How to fix Venmo Verification Code Not Coming on phone and email ?

I hope it will help you and will solve your verification problem on both devices. This all methods are worked for me and may others who are facing same issue.

If you are facing any other issues please feel free to contact us and give me your feedback about this article. Thank you! 

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