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As technologies grow, the method of sending mail through the envelope has disappeared from us today.

When emails arrive, mailing by envelope is very rare. However, in some cases today, mailing by envelope is a must.

But today’s youth group does not know how to mail a letter through envelope.

If today’s young men and women are told to mail, they will be embarrassed. Most people today don’t know how to mail by envelope.

Don’t know who to blame here, their parents, teachers, or the current education system.90% of people don’t want to know this because they use email, but it’s important to be aware of it.

how to mail a letter through envelope

You can find an easy way to send mail.

1. Put the letter you wrote inside the envelope, put the gum, and close the envelope.
2. It is essential to write two addresses.

a) Name and address of the sender ( return address).

b) The name and address of the receiver (recipient address).
The return address should be written on the left top of the envelope. But in India, you can write in the back of the envelope.

The recipient’s address should be written in the middle of the envelope.

Stick the stamp at the right top of the envelope.

That is shown below.

how to mail a letter through envelope


The address should contain these things

1. Full Name of the recipient
2. Business’s name of the recipient (if applicable)
3. Street address
4. City, state, and Zip code ( these 3 are on the same line)
5. Country.  

How to find Zip Code

If you’re don’t know about your zip code. use this zip code tool

In Zipcode tool

1. Enter the required information
2. Then press ‘find’
3. That will give zip code

How many stamps should you use?

Stamps are easy to use. But, knowing how much and what stamps to use is a very difficult thing to do.

forever Stamps can be used inside the US. Global Forever Stamps should be used if mailed overseas.

Extra charges have to be paid in case of irregularly shaped envelopes. are you confused by How many stamps should you use Check stamphelper

How to send a letter with tracking

You can track your letter if you follow some of the simple steps I have given here

1. Send a letter through speed post or express mail. You will have control over your letter, even if it is not fully tracked.

2. Send it by certified mail with a return receipt request. This will tell you who your letter is and to who it was delivered.

I don’t know if there is any more tracking or not. 3. Send it by USPS priority mail.

4. Sent a mail by FedEx, which has more tracking options.

How much does it cost to mail a letter?

Each mail charges a different price. There are several types of mailing, some of which are as follows. First-class mail, Postcard, First class mail flat, First class mail international letter, priority mail expense, media mail, certified mail, certified mail international, etc…

Here you can check how much tax is paid for each post-USPS Postage Rates

How long does it take to mail a letter?

Mail classDelivery Speed
Priority mail expressovernight to most locations in the U.S
Priority Mail1-3 business days 
Priority Mail Flat Rate1-3 business days 
Priority Mail Regional Rate1-3 business days 
First-class package service1-3 business days 
Parcel Select2-8 business days 
USPS Retail Ground2-8 business days 
Media Mail2-8 business days 
First-class Mail (letters)1-3 business days
First-class Mail ( large envelopes1-3 business days

USPS International mails :

Mail classDelivery Speed
Global express guaranteed1-3 business days
Priority Mail express international3-5 business days 
Priority Mail international6-10 business days 
First-class package international Service6-20 business days
First-class Mail international (letters)6-20 business days

how to mail a certified letter?

See this video you can easily understand how to mail a certified letter.

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