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How to prepare for Mechanical Engineering Exam?

ExamHow to prepare for Mechanical Engineering Exam?| mechanical engineering is one of the Royal branches. Do you need help to clear mechanical engineering subjects with distinctions? Here are the solutions. Friends, I enjoyed my college life. But I scored an 8.5 CGPA on every exam.

How I cleared my engineering with this 8.5 CGPA. The methods are shared in this article. Many of my friends are now also having 4 to 5 backlogs. I didn’t do a whole year of hard work. I did hard work only during my study leaves for the exam.

In my personal method, hard work is 25%, and smart work is 75%. If you follow these tricks, you are hundred percent able to clear all the subjects within your first attempts.

What are the requirements to pass or score The mechanical engineering exams?

You should know a little about every subject. Also, you must understand basic mathematics like multiplication, division, subtraction addition because mechanical engineering is an entirely problematic course.

Then you should have little knowledge about basic physics subjects. (these both are simple things, without these also, you can try the following methods)

Having these two simple skills is a small matter for every mechanical engineer. Because they had already studied and passed their pre-university colleges. When you selected science as a subject.
That’s why you must know mathematics and physics basic rules. It is so simple to learn.
Let s I am going to our main point.

The tricks below will help you score distinction in mechanical engineering.

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How to prepare for mechanical engineering exam?

Do these things, first of all, go to your college library

  • Collect your syllabus copy of your subjects.
  • Old question papers

The 2-3 old question papers ate enough for you to do these tricks.

For example: if you are in the 2023 batch, collect question papers from the 2022 and 2021 sets. These are all you can get in your college library. You ask with a library attender; otherwise, download old question papers from the university website. (for ex: vtu belgaum )

Starts to do smart work and little hard work.

The module contains Two parts:

Consider any of one subject. For example, basic thermodynamics(BTD). Every module has a minimum of 2 major parts. You target any one of the parts in the set. Because other parts will come in the options section in the question paper (or the B section of your question paper.)

In module 1, if you targeted 1st part, it comes in the ‘A’ section of the question paper, and ‘B’ is optional. If you are targeting 2nd part of the module, it comes in the B section of the question paper. A is an optional section.

That’s why you can leave any one of the parts in every module. and target which part is easier for you. This method is understood or not. If not, please comment below so I can help you.

The module contains Three parts:

If any module contains three parts in your syllabus copy. Then you check in that old question paper; any of the sections have 2 parts questions, and the optional section has only one-part question. Then you target whatever section you want. But my personal recommendation is you select the 2 parts.

Smart work:

If you are completed 1 module, anyone targeted part. Then, take the old question paper and note down which questions are repeated two, three, or more times in the question paper on that targeted part.

Then give more focus on that questions and study thoroughly. If you can, then learn all the repeated questions of all the modules. Do this trick for every subject.

How to learn problems?

This is another thing that which problems we have to learn? The solution is very simple; you must know and practice every repeated problem in the question paper. And the same types of problems from your class notes. Write, write, write, and learn.

I advise learning all the problems from the question paper and class notes. It would be best if you had time to understand. Understand clearly and learn all the problems. Please don’t go through the textbook; it wastes time.

Bonus tip:

Be sure to complete all the single theory questions when attending your exam. Attend all the questions, whatever you know about the topic.

If you have more time in the exam hall, write the answers for all the theory questions in the whole paper. Any try to solve all the problems is from the options section also no problem.

If you don’t know the answer, write the formula and whatever you know.

Finally, It is my personal experience by using these tricks, I scored 8.5 CGPA in every semester’s exams. Stay away from the exam hall staring here and there. Write, write, write. Don’t try to help your friend because that will consume your time. Otherwise, you tell him to follow these tricks.

This article helped you a lot. Good luck. If any doubts are there, please comment below and feel free to ask

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