How to recover WhatsApp deleted messages| No. 1 trick for WhatsApp

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How to recover WhatsApp deleted messages

Recover WhatsApp deleted messages, WhatsApp is a great way to communicate with your friends and family. In addition to its convenience, it is also free.

The app is also straightforward because you can send messages and share photos, videos, and audio notes. WhatsApp automatically saves your messages in the phone’s memory as well as on the company’s servers. 

However, your data may be erased by accident or due to unexpected events. Moreover, if you lose vital chats with loved ones or communication from work, this may be terrible.

If this ever happens, do not panic! Here are some steps on how to recover WhatsApp deleted messages.

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how to recover WhatsApp deleted messages in android 

In this, you have two options to recover WhatsApp deleted messages. 

  1. Restore from local storage 
  2. Restore from Google drive

Restore from Local Storage.

What is local storage?

   it is the inbuilt mobile storage, which automatically stores all local app files, like WhatsApp files.

 In local storage automatically, all WhatsApp files are backed up and stored on it. You can use these files to recover WhatsApp deleted messages.

How to recover?

It is effortless. Processes are below.

  1. Delete your WhatsApp app. ( Otherwise go to mobile settings > Applications>installed apps> WhatsApp> Storage > Clear data.
  2. Then reinstall/open the app from google play.
  3. After the basic settings like adding numbers, then press on Restore.
  4. Now you successfully recover WhatsApp deleted messages.

Restore from Google drive Storage

If you want to recover WhatsApp deleted messages from google drive, you should connect your google account to your WhatsApp. 

How to add a Google account to WhatsApp?

When you install the app, it will ask you to connect your google account to WhatsApp. If you are not allowed to, then you can connect using this method.

  1. Open your WhatsApp The click on the three-button shows in the rightmost corner.
  2. Then select the settings > Chats > Chat backup
  3. Then select back up to google drive. Select any one of the options from daily, monthly, weekly. I will prefer you to select weekly.
  4. Then open the following option google account and add your account. Now you successfully added your google account to WhatsApp. They will backup automatically.

How to restore?

This is the same as the previous one. Delete or clear the data of WhatsApp. 

When you reinstall, it will ask you to restore it. Click on it. Then ask you to connect a Google account and add it. You can quickly restore from it.

Recover desired date WhatsApp deleted messages?

Suppose you want to restore only yesterday’s messages, not other days’ messages. Then follow this:

  1. Open my files, or file manager, click on all files,
  2. Then press internal storage or phone storage.
  3. Then select WhatsApp > Database 
  4. Then select the file which dates data you want.
  5. Then select that file and rename it. ( renaming the file is not available on all mobiles. Suppose you are not able to rename it. Then it is not working on it). 
  6. Reinstall the WhatsApp app. After basic settings, press Restore. It will automatically restore which dates data you want.

How to recover WhatsApp deleted messages in iPhone

How to recover deleted or missing WhatsApp messages or chats from iPhone?

. Yes, there are times you may lose your important WhatsApp messages, which can be caused by a system update system crash or any other reason. Above section, I toldHow to recover WhatsApp deleted messages in android.

Now I will tell you the effective ways to recover deleted or missing WhatsApp messages on iPhone. WhatsApp offers a suitable solution to this issue. However, make sure you had enabled the chat backup before you deleted the WhatsApp messages.

How to backup: navigate to WhatsApp settings> chat > chat backup.> auto backup> select anyone daily, weekly, or monthly. I will prefer you to select weekly. 

Before losing your message, if you enabled backup, then restoring deleted messages is very easy.

How to restore:

  • You can see when the last backup was performed. Then uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. 
  • Make sure to verify your phone number once you reinstall WhatsApp.
  • Then press the Restore and get your WhatsApp messages back. 

If you want to view the WhatsApp messages before the recovery, this method cannot do that.

 What is more, you can only restore all the chats from the backup; there is no option for selective recovery. 

How to restore the specific WhatsApp chats in iPhone?

What if you want to restore the specific WhatsApp chats deleted. Is this possible?. The answer is an absolute yes. 

dbac is a reliable tool for recovering more than 18 data types, including WhatsApp messages and media files if you do not regularly back up your device on iCloud or iTunes. 

dbac would also help you to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages without backup.

  • Go to Imyfone, download this software, install and launch it on your computer. 
  • Option for recovery from ios device since what you want to recover is a Whatsapp message.
  • The procedure is relatively simple: choose a recovery mode, connect your iPhone to pc, choose a data type scan and recover.
  • The actual time required for the scan will vary depending on your file size, so it is better to select WhatsApp only.
  • The scan result will be displayed on the screen in order. You can freely view and select the WhatsApp chat you want to recover. 
  • Then click the recover button on the lower right corner to get the job done.
  • As you can see, retrieving deleted WhatsApp messages with the device is easy and fast.

What is more, it will not overwrite any of the current data on your iPhone. 

Since it is pc software, imyfone is a legally registered company and will not keep the personal data on your device. Try imyfone dbac whenever you want to selectively recover a deleted WhatsApp chat or messages on your iPhone.

how to recover WhatsApp deleted messages FAQ’s

  1. Is it possible to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup?

    Yeh. You can easily download for android Whatsapp recovery, and for ios, I explained in this post download dbac and quickly recovered WhatsApp deleted messages.

  2. Can I get back deleted messages on WhatsApp?

    Yeh sure. Using the following methods in this post, you can recover WhatsApp deleted messages.

  3. how Recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone?

    You have two methods with and without backup. Follow these methods and recover WhatsApp deleted messages.

  4. restore deleted WhatsApp messages of one contact?

    Suppose you use dbac or WhatsApp recovery tool. You can recover WhatsApp deleted messages of any single contact.

  5. Is there any app to see the deleted WhatsApp text messages of a particular chat?

    Go to apkpure and install whats delete an app, and you can see the deleted WhatsApp text messages of a particular chat.

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