how to reduce spam score of website in 2023| 100% Working Trick

how to reduce spam score of website

Hello friends, today’s topic is What is spam score and how to reduce spam score of website?.

When we start new blogging, we are first taught that to get our page ranked on Google, we have to do SEO for it.

Friends, most of the time, where does it go to us that if you do not do off-page SEO, your post will not come in Google’s search. Offpage SEO means creating backlinks.

But friends, do you know the right way to make a backlink is.

If you create a backlink incorrectly, then what will be its effect on your website.

To rank our posts, we start making backlinks indiscriminately; we do not even check what the authority of the website is and what its spam score is.

Its result is a high spam score on our website. Due to the high spam score, our website does not rank on Google.

Let us now try to understand what spam score is.

What is Spam Score?

Come on, friends, now we understand what spam score and how to reduce spam score of website?.

The spam score is a parameter set by the company. It has been made keeping in mind many parameters of google.

Through this, we get information about the authority of a website over google.

Does that website have some reputation in front of Google or not?

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The spam score is measured in percentage.

If your website falls between 1%-30%, your spam score is considered low.

If your website falls between 31%-60%, your spam score comes in medium.

This means that Google is giving a signal that reduces your spam score. Otherwise, your website will be banned from Google.

If your spam score is between 60% – 100%, your website’s spam score is very high, which means Google has banned or blacklisted your website.

I think, Friends, now you must understand what Spam Score is. now we are going to understand how to reduce spam score of website?


How will your Spam score increase?

Friends, if you read the official blog of, they have told about 27 reasons to increase the score, out of which I will tell you some important reasons in detail.

1) Backlink from High Spam Score Website 

Friends, when we start our blogging, we make a backlink from any website without thinking Spam Score of the website, which is our mistake.

Guys, before making a backlink from any website, it is important to check its spam score.

 Because if a website has a high spam score, it will also negatively impact your website, which will also increase the spam score of your website.

Therefore, before creating a backlink, check the score of that website.

2) Too many backlinks from less referring domain

If you also follow this practice, your score can also be high.

Because Google prefers Natural Backlinks more.

Suppose you create too many backlinks from the same website. In that case, it will fall in the category of Unnatural links, and Google will penalize you.

As a result of which, your spam score will be high.

3) Do follow and No follow Link Ratio

Even if you do not maintain the ratio of your backlinks, Google will penalize you.

According to Moz, you must maintain an 80% to 20% ratio. There should be 80% Dofollow Backlinks or 20% no follow backlinks.

4) Thin Content

Thin content means you write very short posts. A short post means you write a post of 300 to 500 words. And your post does not provide any uniqueness.

Google also penalizes thin content, which results in a high spam score.

That’s why you should write the content of maximum words.

5) Interlinking or External Linking

Friends, you also have to maintain the ratio of your interlinking and external linking.

Even if your website has less internal linking and more external linking, Google can penalize you.

You should try to make 1 external linking on 1200 words and maintain the ratio of internal linking and external linking.

6) External Linking In Navigation Bar

Friends, even if you link to any other website in your website’s top or bottom navigation bar, there are chances of increasing your spam score.

7) Domain Name Length

This is the Most Important Factor because Google penalizes those domains whose length is a bit too long.

Therefore, while buying a domain, keep its length short.

8) Domain Contain Numerical Character

You should never choose a domain that has a numeric character inside it.

Like my domain (but if you have quality content it is not a problem)

Also, your website can be blacklisted.

How to check the spam score?

Friends, you just need Moz Extension to check your spam score.

  • First, you have to go to the Chrome Webstore and install Moz Extension.
  • Now you will see the button of Manage Extension on the top bar of your chrome.
  • Click here and enable the extension of Moz.
  • Then you have to go to the main website of Moz and signup with your email id.
  • After signing up, you have to log in to Moz.
  • Now open your website; you will see the Moz extension on the top side. Click on it.
  • A black color strip would have started displaying. You will see DA, PA, and Spam Score on this bar.
  • Check your spam score from here.

How to reduce spam score of website?

How to reduce spam score of website? To reduce spam scores, you first have to find out the bad backlinks.

This means how many bad backlinks have been made from your website?.

For this, you can use any tool.

I will explain to you the process of Moz. (Complete vedio tutorial is below)

1.Listing of Bad Backlinks

  • First of all, log into Moz.
  • The option to analyze your domain will appear in front of you on the homepage.
  • Here put the URL of your website and click on the analyze button.
  • Moz will analyze all your websites. Now you will see the option of a spam score on the left-hand side.
  • Click on this, and now the list of all the websites will open in front of you, from which you have created your backlink. His Spamscore will also be visible here.
  • Make a list of them on a notepad.

2. Disavow tool 

Now you type Disavow Tool on Google, and as soon as you click on it, a page will open in front of you Disavow Link.

Here you can select your property, whose backlink you want to disavow.

Then you click on disavow Link.

Now a page will open in front of you on which the option of choose file will be coming.

Here you have to upload and create a file in TXT.

Don’t worry. You will also get the option of creating the file on the page of the disavow tool.

After that, click on submit. Google will analyze the links and remove them from your website.

How to reduce spam score of website?

how to reduce spam score of website

How avoid Spam scores increasing?

1) Friends, if you want your website’s spam score to not increase, before making a backlink from any website, you must check its Spam score.

2) We should pay more attention to the Reputation building of our website in the eyes of Google.

For this, you have to write many high-quality posts, and the content length should also belong.

3) You have to maintain the ratio of your Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks.

4) Internal Linking or External Linking ratio will also have to be maintained.

5) You do not have to create spam links. You have to create backlinks in a simple way

What happens if the Spam score increases?

we learned how to reduce spam score of website? now we can understand What happens if the Spam score increases?

1) How good content you will write, no matter how long it is, your website will never be able to rank on Google.

2) Google blacklists and bans your website.

3) Your website’s authority also decreases due to increasing spam scores.

Does your traffic decrease when the spam score is high?

Friends, it is believed that when your spam score is high, your website cannot rank at the top on Google.

When your website does not rank on Google, you will get less traffic. That’s why you have to reduce the spam score of your website.

Your website will rank at the top, and your traffic will increase.

Final words on how to reduce spam score of website?

Friends, I hope from today’s article, what is spam score? And how to reduce spam score of website? All your doubts have been cleared.

I have some advice for you, whenever you create backlinks, you must check the spam score of the website before you.

You have to focus on the natural way of link building and try to create backlinks from a reputed website only.

Hope you liked today’s post.

I will keep bringing such kind of knowledgeable post.

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  1. How do I check my spam score?

    You can use the Moz website to check your Spam Score. You can check the spam score by going to the website of Moz or by applying the extension of Moz.

  2. How do I get rid of spam scores?

    If you want to reduce the spam score of your website, then you have to disavow all your spammy links in the Google search console.

  3. What is a good spam score?

    If your website spam score is less than 10, your spam score will be considered reasonable. how to reduce spam score of website

  4. How to check Spam Score of the website

    Friends, if you want to check the spam score of your website or any other website, you can use the Moz website.Whatever website you want to check spam score, enter it in Moz and find out its score.

  5. Does Seo get affected if Spam Score is high?

    Friends, the main reason for increasing Spam Scores is Bad Backlinks. If your website has been made with Bad Backlinks, why should you not have good SEO for your website? It will never rank on the top.


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