The Best 6 Approach to Improve the Communication Skill for Every Personality Type

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How to Improve the Communication Skill | I will share how I learned and improved my communication skill in English without even studying them.

so let’s share my method – how to Improve the Communication Skill?.

My English background

I went to a regular private school in India until I got to high school. I’ve never attended an English international school before high school. I took English lessons as my main foreign language, and when I was in college (+2 or PUC ), I learned basic English.

I don’t know; I don’t remember that, but I understood daily conversations and explained basic things about myself and basic conversations with people. but I was having struggle when people spoke very fast.

we only had like two to four lessons of English in a week at that time. I was sleeping throughout the lessons all the time, sorry teacher.

the sad thing is my English got weaker and weaker. I knew that I had to do something, but I didn’t know what to do and where to start, and it’s been a long time since I’ve studied English.

The Reason Why I started to Learn English

one-day, youtube recommended me a video from James Charles. if you know him, you know that he speaks very, very fast. it was the first time I saw a guy doing speaking very fast. I was interested in him.

so I wanted to understand what he said. but I couldn’t. but I was watching him. anyways I decided to improve my English skills to understand James Charles, which is funny to me.

Ok .. I’ll show you guys throughout the article how I did that and How you can Improve the Communication Skill.


since this article is about my experience, it does not contain any evidence-based tips.

if you are below the basic level, I would recommend you to come to that level first. because I think it helped me quite a lot.

My Secret Methods to Improve the Communication Skill

okay, so let’s talk about the method. the method itself is very basic. if you follow these steps seriously, you can improve the Communication Skill.

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Step 1 : to Improve the Communication Skill

Choose what to watch, it can be a Netflix show or YouTuber, or tv show whatever, but it has to be in English.

you don’t need to watch the same video or something every day. You can alternate between Netflix, youtube, tv shows, and all that stuff. but don’t forget to consume it in English.

Step 2: to Improve the Communication Skill

Watch them at normal speed and put the subtitles on. try to understand what they’re talking about and focus on that video.

Don’t forget you’re doing it for educational purposes, not only for your fun. all right, watch every single day at least one hour of youtube, Netflix, whatever you have chosen. I was watching about three to four hours every single day in English.

so yeah, do that and also consume media only in English. turn your phone settings into English, read the news in English, listen to English songs. sing them. along try to understand what they’re talking about.

make English a part of your daily life use. when you start to understand the videos without subtitles move on to the next step.

Step3: to Improve the Communication Skill

Congratulations, so you have to be understanding the videos without subtitles. now watch videos in English without subtitles for at least one hour every day.

choose something that you enjoy. it’s a perfect opportunity to watch educational things without any guilt. I don’t know if you guys feel guilt.

After watching one episode or one video, try to explain it to yourself in English in your own words.

what you have just watched and try to explain it without translating any words. you struck at the beginning, and it’s kind of feels worried about talking into yourself.

but trust me, it will help you so much in the long run. you will be able to speak fluently. I was talking to myself in English whenever I was showering; like all the time, I was trying to explain things in English.

whenever I think about something, I try to explain it in English. okay, so when you get better at understanding videos without subtitles and talking to yourself, move on to the next step.

Step 4: to Improve the Communication Skill

Start to read in English. If you don’t love reading, shame on you. you are losing so freaking many things. you must try to love reading.

if you hate reading books, then read maybe newspapers, or you know news online on apps. after reading one chapter or one news, try to summarize it in your own words.

try to explain it in English to yourself. It can be fundamental. you don’t need to speak like a native speaker but try to explain it yourself.

every single time it will help you, and don’t forget to continue watching English videos for at least one hour a day.

Step 5: to Improve the Communication Skill

If you understand youtube videos without subtitles and be able to understand what you read.

at this point, speed up the videos to 1.25 to 1.5., read more, make it a habit to use English in your daily life.

I usually watch youtube videos at double speed in English. whatever, it doesn’t matter, but I watch all of them at double speed, and I easily understand what they’re talking about and all that stuff.

Step6: to Improve the Communication Skill

Continue it for a year, all of them. like reading every day, it can be one chapter or so on. Read in English, listen to English songs, and watch youtube for at least an hour.

every single time after watching something, after reading something, after hearing something, try to explain it to yourself in your own words in English.

and don’t use a single translator. we must be trying to make English brain in our brain. so you have to create that English brain, you have to think in English, and you have to express yourself in English.

In this process, you’re not going to use any other language than English. that’s very, very important. it took me about a year to become fluent in English. at that time, I was like talking about very basic stuff.

but I got better and better with the time I’m able to speak right now about more complicated things. I’m not like a native speaker. But I am confident in my English.

I guess you can, of course, visit some language courses and cut that time out, but I wanted to do it at home, and I didn’t want to spend some money on it.

Pros and Cons of this method

  • It’s fun: I mean you if you choose something that you enjoy watching then it’s really fun.
  • It doesn’t cost you anything extra if you have an internet connection.
  • 100% sure you will be able to speak fluently.
  • Do any extra studying on grammar :
  • if you don’t do any extra studying on grammar, you will struck at grammar.(Must focus on Grammer)
  • Some basic knowledge is required
  • This is not an evidence-based technique. but this worked for my friends and me too.

Final Word

If you don’t do any extra studying on grammar, you will strike at English grammar. Must focus on grammar, thank you.

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