6 Signs You Suck at Tips to Time Management for Students

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Tips to Time Management for Students

Tips to Time Management for Students | The thing is, if you will learn how to manage time then you will not face any problem in learning any new skill in the future.

But the main problem which we face is, everyone just tells us to prioritize things but nobody tells us how to actually do it.

So I have a solution for this

Recently I have started using a technique which I am going to discuss with you people.

If you want to utilize your time efficiently, then you should know what you actually have to do.

TECHNIQUE 1 -Tips to Time Management for Students

So first of all, we will be making a to-do list for all the tasks which we have to do.

So here you can see, I have listed 8 tasks which I have to complete today

There will be four quadrants,

1) Urgent and Important

2) Urgent but not important

3) Not urgent but important

4) Not urgent and not important

So I will explain all this with the help of the to-do list which I made earlier. As you can see, a health checkup is important+urgent.

Improving a resume and applying for any company is urgent and important.

DSA is important but not so urgent, we can do it anytime in the whole day.

Article posting on my blog is also important but not so urgent. We can give them any time.

Then, at last, we have personal projects. Again important but not so urgent.

Then we have college assignments that are not important but urgent, And finally watching tv series is not even important+not urgent

So guys if you are finding this article helpful, then write in the comment below 

Now we have seen both the things, bookish language+ how to prioritize things. Now on this basis, first we will complete all the tasks listed in the important+urgent section.

You can do those tasks in any order or on the basis of urgency, like improving your resume should be done before applying for any company.

Similarly, you can shift to not so important+urgent section Or you can shift to Important+not urgent section. That depends on you, which one you want to do first

And finally, tasks listed in the Not so important+not urgent section can be completed anytime. Like you can watch Kota Factory season 2 anytime. The tasks like watching Netflix, movies, or series can be done anytime after completing the important tasks first.

You can apply this thing in your daily routine and that is really going to help you out. Now, this was the first technique to be more productive by prioritizing things.

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TECHNIQUE 2-Tips to Time Management for Students

The name of the 2nd technique is the Pomodoro technique

Here we study anything for a particular predetermined duration. Then we divide it into two parts.

In the first part, we do our work/study and in the second part, which is comparatively smaller, we enjoy it.

For example, if we take the time period of 30 minutes, we will study/work for 25 minutes and then do some recreational activity for 5 minutes.

These 5 minutes will act as a reward for you. You will tend to study/work properly for 25 minutes to make full use of those 5 minutes

So this technique will help you to be more productive for that 25 minutes time period.

You can repeat this thing 7-8+ times and complete your work with a sense of achievement

In my college days, I was not able to concentrate on my studies during exam days. I used to check my phone every 10-15 minutes.

One of my friends was applying this technique and he was getting positive results, so he told me about this too.

He also had the habit of checking his phone but using this technique, he had controlled his mind and was able to become more productive.


tips to Time Management for Students is a tried and tested method. You can definitely check this out too. Before moving ahead, I would like to tell you about a free UDEMY COURSE Channel (Click Here). Here you get the guided path for everything, And apart from this, you also get 60++ New Courses.

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