Ubersuggest Review |how does Ubersuggest work?

how does Ubersuggest work?

“Ubersuggest Review |how does Ubersuggest work?”

A few years ago, we had excellent news for all freelancers, writers, and web content producers! Neil Patel, one of the biggest names in Digital Marketing globally, had acquired Ubersuggest.

The best part is that he decided to improve the tool and make it available for free; the tool is ubersuggest. Since then, the platform has undergone several updates, centralizing even more information practically and intuitively. 

What is Ubersuggest | how does Ubersuggest work?

Today, we will tell you about a tool with the help of which you can significantly increase the earnings of your website. I want to talk about Ubersuggest, a free SEO tool that can help you develop new keyword ideas.

Many of you must know about this tool, but very few people come to the proper use of it, and those who come are earning thousands of dollars from their website today.

Once you learn to use these Ubersuggest free tools, then no one can stop you from being successful in blogging. 

With the help of this tool, your ranking has the most significant impact, due to which millions of traffic starts coming to your blog, and with the help of that traffic, you can easily earn 1000+ dollars every month.

Ubersuggest First Page 1

How to use it? | how does Ubersuggest work?

Create your account

First of all, you have to open the official website of Ubersuggest, and on that, you have to connect with your Gmail account.

You can use its keyword research tool without creating an ID, but you have to add your project to it. For that, you have to connect Ubersuggest to your Gmail account. 

Create Your Project 1 1
Create Your Project

After adding your project, you can quickly enter your target keywords and the URL of your competitive websites. You will now see what is wrong and right on your website.

Not only this, now whenever any post of your website will rank on any keyword, you will be able to check it easily from here as well.

“Track” your competitor’s website

If you want to rank very quickly in Google, you have to work on those low-difficulty keywords your competitor’s website is already ranking.

Now you must consider how our website will rank on that keyword when our competitor’s website is already ranking on that keyword?

So the answer is content. You have to analyze the content of your competition with the help of the ubersuggest competitive analyzer,

and write the content of more words than that. Now that you already have keywords, you do not have to waste much time on keyword research and focus on the quality of your content.

Track Competitor 1
Track Competitor

Create “Quality Backlinks”


Backlink Overview 1 1
Backlink Overview

As far as backlinks are concerned, Ubersuggest Free Tools also helps you get backlinks from your competitor’s website.

But it does not show their entire referral domains. For this, you have to use its paid version. But its free version is also helpful in our SEO to a great extent.

You can also create backlinks to your website by going to their referral domain. I also took help from this website in making backlinks for my websites.

Suggestion from my side: Read Blogs written by Neil Patel!



Who does not know Neil Patel? If you are learning SEO and digital marketing, you must have known them. Let me tell you that Ubersuggest is their only tool.

In Ubersuggest, you will find a blog category in which you will find many articles written by Neil Patel. By reading this, you will be able to improve your SEO skills even more.

Not only this, you can learn a lot by watching their videos. Usually, it isn’t easy to get all these things for free, but Ubersuggest Free Tools provides us with all these things for free to a large extent.

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Boom tools of Ubbersuggest.

Traffic Analysis Tool

Inside this tool, you get some other features, which are:-

Traffic Overview 1 1

Overviews – When you click on Overview, you will get complete details of Organic Keywords, Organic Monthly Traffic, Domain Score, and Backlinks, which will help you understand your competitors’ website strategy.

Top Pages-  When you click on the top pages, you will easily see the rank pages of your competitor. Not only that, but you will also be able to see your rank pages with the help of this tool.

Keywords-  You will be able to see the ranked keywords of your competitor’s website by clicking on the keywords. You can also increase your website’s ranking by writing a post on those keywords.

2. SEO Analyser

Even inside this tool, you will find two tools. Let’s know about these two tools-

SEO Analyzer 1
SEO Analyzer

SEO Audit- This is an excellent tool that we use for SEO Audit of our website. With the help of this tool, you can also do an SEO audit of your competitor’s website and can also fix the errors on your website.

Backlinks-  Finally, we have come to the  Backlink tool from where you can check the backlinks of your competitor’s website. The unique thing about this tool is that this tool also shows you the backlinks of .gov, which is perfect. With the help of this, you can find the .gov website very quickly.

Pricing For Ubersuggest

You will get most of all the tools for free, but that too with some limitations per day;

if you have to use this tool continuously, you can access this account from 4-5 Gmail IDs, with the help of which you can go without any problem you can improve the SEO of your site.

Pricing For Ubersuggest 1 1
Pricing For Ubersuggest

If we talk about its price, you have to pay 12 USD per month for individuals, 20 USD per month for business, and 40 USD per month for the enterprise.

But you can easily use it by accessing it from a different Gmail. You will not need to pay anything.

You can get several features in it. It will give value to your money. If you know what you are will get a check here.

Compared with other SEO tools pricing


Screenshot 2022 04 21 111304

Ubersuggest gives the same features as ahrefs, SEMrush, and MOZ.  But Ubersuggest competitors Moz, Ahrefs, & SEMrush, charge $950 to $9,900 a year.

But try Ubesuggest’s lifetime offer. Pay once and get full access to life! It’s 90% cheaper than the competitor’s(having comparatively same features) subscription price.

ubersuggest going to use the money to keep adding features – and you will, of course, get access to all of those new features. The monthly option is still 70% cheaper than its competitors if you access it.

Help and support 

Neil Patel or Ubersuggest gives excellent support. I’m telling my experience, I’m one small blogger, and I’m also watching Neilpatels videos on his youtube channel.

When I’m commenting on his video, he definitely comments back. Not only me, whoever commenting on his video, he will also answer them;

he is considering every person; I’m just a viewer now you think if you purchase his service how Neil Patel and his team will support and how he will treat you.


If you have just stepped into blogging, this tool will give you a good start. It is effortless to use this tool. So if you are new, then definitely use this tool. by this article, I believe that you got the answer to “how does Ubersuggest work?”

So as we have seen how we can earn $ 1,000 by running our website with the help of this. Ubersuggest Free Tools is an excellent option to start a blogging career.


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