Top 10 WhatsApp font change trick That You Should Know

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WhatsApp font change trick


WhatsApp font change trick

WhatsApp font change trick| WhatsApp has grown in a big way over the years.  We all know about this.  All versions of Android phones support this from BlackBerry to iOS to Windows Phone, Android to Windows.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps today.  And WhatsApp has made it easier for users to write messages.

WhatsApp has an instant messaging feature where you can talk to your friends and family without spending time with each other.

Everyone knows how to message.  But today, I will tell you how you can change the text on WhatsApp with and without using any third-party apps.

In other words, WhatsApp writing tricks with and without using any third-party apps.

Do you know how to write messages in monospace fonts, strikethrough fonts, italics, and so on.. in WhatsApp?

These tricks Same in both android and ios. I will go through it one by one. At the end of the post, I will give you WhatsApp bonus tricks and answer the FAQ. Stay tuned. 

Without Any third party Apps

WhatsApp Normal text

I’m starting the WhatsApp font change trick with normal text. Example: Welcome to TechShip.

It is a simple and normal text in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Bold text

You will get Bold text when you add the * (asterisk) symbol, both sides of the normal text.

Example: *Welcome to TechShop*     Becomes   Welcome to TechShip.

WhatsApp Italic text

When you add ( _ ) underscore, both sides of normal text will be converted into italics. It is looking pretty good. Example _Welcome to TechShip_    Becomes   Welcome to TechShip.

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WhatsApp Strikethrough text

Yah. This text is a little funny. To Strikethrough a message,  Add both sides of the text by ~ (tilde) symbol.

Example:  ~Welcome to TechShip~

WhatsApp Monospace text

It is a different type of text.  I like this text. Add both sides of the text, 3 times by  ` (backticks). You should use this symbol only. Not these symbols “ ”.

Example:  “`Welcome to TechShip“`   becomes Welcome to TechShip.

WhatsApp font change trick

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Multiple hacks in a single text 

w to write in different fonts in WhatsApp? You can write in different ways by combining these four writing hacks.

Example: *“`_Welcome to TechShip_“`* (Bold + italics+monospace)  becomes  Welcome to TechShip.

You can write which style you want.

Note: In some mobiles combining Monospace with other styles are not working.


The alternative method to write

WhatsApp font change trick| Till now, I was told how to write different types of text in WhatsApp by using symbols. Now I will teach you alternative methods to do the same hacks.


  • tap and hold the text you wrote on the text box.
  • Then select Bold, italics or More:,
  • If you tap on More: then you can get these Strikethrough and Monospace options.


  • select the text you wrote on the text box. Tap on BIU
  • Then choose whatever you want from bold, italic, strikethrough and Monospace. 

Change font Size

WhatsApp font change trick | If you want to change the font size of WhatsApp. Follow these steps

  • Tap on the 3 dot button at the top of the right corner.
  • Select settings
  • On settings, tap on chats.
  • There 3 options are shown: small, medium and large. Select which size you want.

Note: this changing font size is available only for android. The iPhone didn’t have this option.

With using third party Apps

Write colorful text

WhatsApp font change trick with Writing colourful words is not possible within WhatsApp. If you want to write, you should download third-party apps like Blue Words, Fancy text generator pro, fonts art(iPhone) from the play store or app store. Then you can write in which style you want…

It is possible in both android and ios. But more features are available on android.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you change the colour of your text in WhatsApp?

No. It is not allowed on WhatsApp. But I’m not telling impossible. You can add different types of coloured fonts by third-party apps like Blue words.

2. The bell doesn’t ring when a message arrives on WhatsApp?

The solution is simple. First of all, turn off silent mode if it is on. Then go to WhatsApp. Tap on 3 dots at right top > settings > notifications > on notification tone.

3. The WhatsApp message is not getting deleted. What to do? 

If you send a message on WhatsApp. till 7 hours after sending a message, you can delete that message for everyone. ( tap and hold the message, select ‘delete for everyone. ) after that, you can’t. Only able to delete for you.

4. If someone blocked WhatsApp, unblocked it, then the message would come up?

Yes. You will receive pending and current messages.

5. The display turns off when you click on a voice message on WhatsApp?

It is not a problem with WhatsApp. I think your mobile screen guard is not placed correctly. Mostly it is placed on the sensor. That’s why when you open your voice which automatically offers the display of your mobile. Please put a new screen guard properly.

6. how to change paragraphs in writing messages on Whatsapp?

On the keyboard, press the right bottom of the key. It will make a paragraph. If it is not enabled, press the 3 dots option on the right top of WhatsApp. Select settings> Chats> off the enter key send. Now check, you have got a solution.

7.How to unmute an audio message on Whatsapp?

Make sure your media volume is on or off. If it is off, on it.

8. how to see old messages in WhatsApp new group?

This feature is not available in WhatsApp till now. It is available on telegram. I think in the future, it will be available on WhatsApp also.

Bonus trick

WhatsApp font change trick| If you open any group on WhatsApp. Then enter ‘@‘ on the chatbox. You can see all the group members. You can send a message by mentioning any person in the group.



WhatsApp font change trick I told in this post are the main tricks. Using this trick can make your friends wonder. If you are facing any problems, comment below. I will try to solve those problems. I think this post will be helpful to you. Thank you.

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