Which niche is best for blogging in 2023 | 5 best profitable niches for blogging in 2023

Which niche is best for blogging

Which niche is best for blogging|blog niches 2023| There are thousands of niches and blogs on the Internet, making it difficult to compete as a professional blogger.

However, choosing one of the best blogging niches for your needs can give you an edge.

By creating content related to the most popular and profitable topic, you can increase your chances of establishing a profitable blog and also have monetization opportunities.

If you hope to make a living from a blog, these aspects are key.

This post will explore which niche is best for blogging and how they fit into the blogging industry.

Then we’ll take a closer look at seven of the best blogging niches to choose


blog niches 2023: A niche blog is a blog focused on one topic. This type of blog has all of its content related to one topic and is intended for a group of people who share similar interests, preferences, and needs.

Understand niches and why they are important for blogs

A niche is typical of a specific area in which a blogger specializes in blogging. Your content relates to this particular topic and is considered high-quality and authoritative on the subject.

Not all blogs have a niche, and there is a debate about whether or not a blog should adhere to a specific niche to be successful.

However, it is generally recognized that niches provide some valuable qualities to blog sites.

First of all, a niche that focuses on your blog’s content. If you decide to write about any topic that comes to mind, your blog can become gives poor result.

In addition, visitors may not be able to understand what your blog is about, and this can affect your retention rates.

Which niche is best for blogging

The spread of topics also makes it more challenging to build a dedicated audience. Visitors usually go to blogs looking for information on a particular topic.

If your blog covers many areas, it will be more challenging to encourage first-time readers to engage with other posts that may not be relevant to their interests.

Lastly, sticking to a niche can help establish your credibility. Writing in-depth on a few topics gives you a chance to show off your knowledge while writing broadly and superficially isn’t usually very impressive.

If you choose a specific niche, the decision is not to be taken lightly. You’ll likely work in this area for years, so you want your topic to be something you find interesting and enjoyable.

However, it also helps if you already have an established audience and earning opportunities.


Now that you’ve learned the benefits of picking a niche for your blog, it’s time to pick one blog niches 2023. You may be wondering how to choose a blogging niche?

Blogging isn’t just about writing about something you’re passionate about; it’s also about having skills that can help you develop content around it and potentially earn money from it.

Here are some suggestions that will help you in making your choice.


The first thing to consider is what your interests are. Think about the things you love to talk about that you know and can spend hours researching on the Internet.

Write them down. The interests you noted down can be niches for your blog.

It’s time to start reducing these niches so you can pick one for your site.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you like to write about those topics you wrote down?

Do you feel like you know a lot about them?

Can you solve a problem within any of these topics?


Look at each of the niches you have on your list and see if you can see yourself writing about it. Remember that you will need to create a lot of content for your blog around your chosen niche,



Now it’s time to check if there are other successful blogs in the niches you have on your list.

Do a quick Google search and see what the results are. For example, you can search for “best food blogs” on Google, and you will probably find lists with food blogs.

Next, visit some blogs you have found and check their content and what they write about.


Which niche is best for blogging

Finally, find out if you can make money from the remaining niches on the list of blog niches 2023.

There are many ways to make money blogging. Visit blogs from the niches you have on your list and see how they make money. Do you have ads on your blogs? Affiliates? Sponsored posts? These are just a few ways to make money blogging.

Ads: You can earn money by offering ads on your blog. Every time a visitor clicks on any of those ads, you will earn an amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing: With affiliate marketing, you promote products or services on your blog, and when someone clicks on the link you placed and buys the product or service on the seller’s page, you earn a commission.

Sponsored Content: ​​With sponsored content, you charge a business or brand to write a post or review about their product or service.

Courses: You create a course and earn money by selling it.

Ebooks: You create an eBook and earn money by selling it.

Let’s look at the blogs I mentioned earlier to see how they used to make money.

Seven best niches for blogging

There are plenty of potential blogging niches available. Many – if not all – of them can be profitable.

However, high-quality content and strong search engine optimization (SEO) are more critical to the success of a blog than a niche one.

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Still, the blogging niches below tend to give adoptees a higher chance of being able to live comfortably off their blog income.

Therefore, we have compiled this list by looking for the niches that receive the most traffic and generate the most income.

1. Blogging

As strange as it may seem at first to put blogging on a list of the best blogging niches, blogging is quite a popular topic for blogging.

However, it starts to make a little more sense when you think about it. Most people get on the blog because they enjoy it, so it follows that they would also like to write about it:

Also, when you’re already connected to the blogging community, other blogs are an obvious resource for tips and news.

It could help explain why blogs in this niche see over 100,000 visitors through organic search.

An example of a blogging niche blog is shoutmeloud.com. harsh Agarwal is the owner of this blog. read his content that will help you build your blog. I also follow his blog.

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2. Personal finance

Managing your money can be a little bit confusing, which could be why so many people turn to personal finance blogs for help.

And, since they tend to be run by financially savvy people, it’s perhaps not surprising that there are quite a few of these blogs earning tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month:

This is a niche that is not easy to get into.

Although you don’t necessarily need a formal education related to finances, you will at least want to have a good handle on your own money and tips and tricks that you can share with readers.

Nerdwallet.com is the best example of personal finance, you can get the best ideas for this niche.


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And can get ideas from other blogs and youtube.

3. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the booming answers to which niche is best for blogging? The industry reached a market size of around $160 billion in the US alone.

Digital marketing is a broad range of niches, covering search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing to social media marketing and influencer marketing.

As eCommerce continues to grow, more online businesses seek marketers’ expertise to help them reach new customers, boost their conversion rates, and turn them into blog income.

Whether you are interested in digital marketing, digital marketing offers a lot of potential. For example, you can narrow down your focus into a micro-niche, such as affiliate marketing or social media management, and turn your blog into a valuable resource regarding various topics.

For instance, a famous blogger and marketer, Neil Patel, runs a blog about the latest trends and hacks in digital marketing: and he has the best free keyword research tool.

Neil Patel’s blog on digital marketing is one of the most profitable blog niches.
If you want to make money from your blog through affiliate programs, you’ll find plenty of relevant products or services to promote.

Affiliate programs include marketing tools, such as SEO plugins and email lists, and platforms.

Who does not know Neil Patel? If you are learning SEO and digital marketing, you must have known them. follow his blog Neilpatel.com


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Do you know? the harsh truth about Ubersuggest free keyword research tool |


Another one is digital marketer Hasan Aboul Hasan from H-educate, and he will help you build your career in every single step. He also has his youtube channel. Subscribe, and you will find many ideas 

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4. health and fitness

The health niche is one of the most prominent niches on the Internet.

From finding out if the mole on your hand is something you should see a doctor about to losing weight or gaining muscle, our health is something we all spend a lot of time and money on.

Blogs in the health niche usually target a pain point, like losing weight or gaining muscle or getting rid of addictions.

The health niche is a huge market that contains thousands of smaller niches.

Going with the health niche, you can choose to focus on all things health, or you can niche further.

For example, you could choose the diet niche and talk about diets like bitesofwellness.com.


Screenshot 2022 04 30 141945 1

It is a blog that talks about all kinds of diets, including fasting, keto, paleo, etc. So if one of these diets goes out of style, it won’t dent this blog.

Or you could talk about all things health, like artofhealthyliving.com.


Screenshot 2022 04 30 141631

They talk about everything from choosing a mattress to losing weight with juice.

Here are some examples of sub-niches in the diet niche that you can choose from:
Diet and weight loss.
muscle gain

Note: if you have proper health knowledge, you get into this niche. Google gives more concentration to human health, avoiding any health issues by google content. That’s why monetization of this niche is a bit tough.

5. Food

Everyone eats, so naturally, food is a popular topic on blogs. You can get a good amount of organic traffic through recipe posts, and you also have the potential to branch out into cookbooks and tutorials.

Also, according to revenue reports, many food blogs sell for thousands each month.

You have a better chance of creating a successful blog if you decide to specialize in a particular diet.

Vegetarian and vegan blogs, for example, have an easier time building a loyal audience than more generalized food blogs and blogs related to specific food allergies.

best food blog you Must follow: loveandlemons.com

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6. Fashion

Fashion blogs are one of the most sought-after types of blogs on the web.

If you decide to start one, there’s a good chance you can attract organic traffic pretty quickly, as thousands of people are looking to follow new blogs in this niche:

There are also many sponsorship opportunities, as the work with the products is integrated into the subject matter.

You could also quickly expand your brand to other platforms like Instagram and YouTube, creating additional revenue streams.

Best fashion blog you Must follow: theatlanticpacific.com

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7. Lifestyle

The “lifestyle” blogging niche is a bit more than that. It only requires bloggers to write about their daily life and related topics, so lifestyle blogs don’t always stick to a single topic like other niches. A popular subgroup is infamous.

This niche has developed a booming industry, with great sponsorship opportunities and other monetization techniques.

The biggest challenge will probably be finding ways to stand out from the crowd to gain the visibility needed to increase your readership.

Best lifestyle blog you Must follow: PrimerMagazine.com

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  1. How much can earn from health and fitness niche Hindi bloggers?

    the earning depends on traffic and CPC, health and fitness niche gives good CPC, if you get good traffic can earn a huge amount of money.

  2. Will it affect my SEO if I upload blog posts on different niches on a WordPress website?

    No, but I told you earlier in this post, that it is generally recognized that niches provide some valuable qualities to blog sites. if you make a multi-niche blog
    visitors may not be able to understand what your blog is about, and this can affect your retention rates.

  3. Which is the best niche for the blog you would prefer to read during your free time?

    a lifestyle blog is best for you. I gave the full information above.


Choosing a niche for your blog can help keep it focused and relevant to your readers. However, for professional bloggers, the decision could also influence their income.

Getting into one of the most popular and profitable niches could make it easier to make a living by blog niches 2023.

Throughout this post, we examine seven of the best blogging niches: blog niches 2023
personal finance
Digital marketing
Health and fitness

Want to start a blog? These 7niches will set you up for long-term success. I hope you got an answer to Which niche is best for blogging?

We’ve also linked you to some guides to starting blogs in those specific niches. You can refer to our general guide to creating a blog for other types of blogs.

Do you have questions about how to choose a niche for your blog? Ask in the comments section below!

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